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Plastic dome dimensions: 420mm x 510 mm x 150 mm. I confirmed with my partner, the dome fits on Langstroth Hive, in fact the hives in the video are Langstroth Hives.

The size of plastic domes?

Temperature must be above 15 degrees Celsius, the rest does not matter.

What is the recommended environment for collecting bee venom?

The best time of day to collect the bee venom is in the morning, before the bees fly out of the hive, and in the evening when they are returning to the hive.

From your precious experience, what time is best period from morning to afternoon for collecting bee

We offer video call training, and can even travel to your location depending on the size of your order.

How about your after service and  training?

After the venom is scraped from the glass, it must be contained in a dark bottle. Sunlight will reduce the quality of the venom. Then the venom is placed in the freezer.

How to preserve bee venom after we finish collecting?

Our bee venom collector is able to produce 2-3.7g per 10 hives in 25 minutes. We recommend collecting every 4 day.

What is the best production (gram) of bee venom based on using your collector?

The type of bees we keep are Apis mellifera carnica. You cannot adjust the parameters on the electronics, we advise you not to do that. You can hurt the bees that way, or collect no venom.

The variety of bee is “Apis”. Is the same in yours? So, how about the parameter of electronic module? Can we adjust the parameter for our condition? 

Yes, the glass comes with the set

There is not including glass in the bee venom collector, right?

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