Innovative bee venom collecting equipment allows us to collect highest quality bee venom in the world

We produce bee venom since 2014.

At the moment, we have 43 cooperators together producing 10 kg highly quality bee venom per year.

Along with bee venom production we developed unique technology of bee venom collecting so we can proudly announce that we succeeded to collect the highest amount of bee venom from one colony, in 25 minutes with ~70% of melittin content.

What makes our production special?

  1. We developed a unique bee venom collecting technology

  2. Our bee venom has ~70% of melittin, thanks to our unique technology

  3. High quality bee venom, white colored without impurities

  4. Our bee venom collecting technology does not injure or disturb the bees

  5. Our bee venom is lab tested and certified


When we first started to collect bee venom, we quickly realized that the existing technology is outdated, invasive for the bees and unreliable.


We decided that we should make our own bee venom collecting apparatus. Research and development of our unique technology took 2 years.

As our bee venom collecting method, we chose collecting the venom inside the hive, that is, on the honeycombs under the dome.

The collection process takes 25 minutes, and we are able to collect 3.23 grams of bee venom per 10 hives every 4 days.


The dome itself prevents the passage of UV rays that decompose the bee venom, and in the second part ensures the luminosity that attracts the bees to the apparatus itself.

With our technology, we have first-class pure crystalline-white poison, which is far better than what is currently available on the market.

Under the dome we use a special metal screen connected to the electronic signal generator that stimulates the bees into releasing the venom. We have perfected the shape and strength of the signal, so that it does not injure the bees or make them aggressive.

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